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Nothing makes an author celebrate harder than making her readers happy…except maybe receiving reviews. We appreciate them so much!  I would LOVE to have you as part of my team. As a member, you’ll receive early digital* ARCs of (most of) my releases.

Keep in mind, I write across the heat spectrum. My Heartwarming romances are very sweet, my romantic suspense not so much (spicy love scenes). All of my Harlequins are free of profanity and graphic sex. My single title releases, however, (like EXPOSED), do contain coarse language and steamier sex scenes.

Please keep all that in mind when you sign up. If your preference is for sweet romance only, just click that box above.

If you join, reviews on GoodReads and Amazon are required (unless you’ve been kicked off Amazon’s platform, in which case just let me know). Other sites such as Barnes and Noble, BookBub, Kobo, and iBooks are a bonus! I usually give you at least 6 weeks lead time on review deadlines and send out emails when I’ve received my latest digital file.


**If you’re a print only reader, please don’t let my statements above discourage you. Just drop me a note saying you only read print books and we will definitely work something out.