Circle of the Red Lily #3
June 1, 2025
Arc Manor (Caezik Romance)
Available in: Paperback, Audio, e-Book, Trade Size


Solving her biggest case means facing her greatest fear.

Trust can kill.

Forensic specialist Dr. Cassia Davis learned that lesson when she placed her faith—and her life—in the hands of her partner; the man she loved. Four years later, despite her debilitating agoraphobia and PTSS, she lives a virtual life teaching and consulting online, locked away from the world she’s come to fear. Her expertise and guidance helped to uncover a mass burial site in the Hollywood Hills, the biggest case of her career, but her inability to actively work the scene calls her competence into question. Work is all she has left. If she’s going to remain in charge, she’s going to need someone on the ground. Someone who understands how she thinks and what she can do. Someone willing to do anything to make up for the past.

Some mistakes can’t be forgotten. Or forgiven. 

FBI Special Investigator Mitchell Keaton’s lapse in judgement nearly cost Cass her life. It did cost him her love. Every case he’s worked since has been an exercise in redemption. Becoming Cass’s eyes and hands out in the field means reconnecting to her in ways that reignites old desires. Despite his unforgiveable betrayal, Mitch can’t help but feel there may be hope for them after all.

But the deeper they dig into the burial site, the further into danger they fall. Invisible enemies determined to stay in the shadows have launched their plans to stop them. Plans that begin with exploiting the one thing Mitch and Cass have no defense against: the past.

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