Workshop for Writers: DIGGING DEEP FOR CONFLICT Presented with Melinda Curtis

Ah, conflict. If there is one element of writing that can be the most difficult to grasp and implement, it’s pesky, irritating conflict. What exactly is it, how do you create it and, most importantly, how do you keep it fresh and interesting for the entire length of your story? These are some of the questions USA Today bestselling authors Melinda Curtis and Anna J Stewart will be addressing in their interactive, hands-on workshop for Sacramento Valley Rose RWA on March 24th.  
Attendees are encouraged to bring their characters and story outlines to this meeting to see if you pass Melinda and Anna’s conflict test. Do you actually have conflict, or is it a situation that can be solved with a conversation? Is your conflict strong enough to build an entire story around? Is your conflict realistic and believable and most importantly, solvable in the pages you have? 
Come with your conflict questions and problems. Time permitting, we will break into smaller groups for more intense examination of attendees’ story and character conflicts (and maybe help you brainstorm out some of those plot problems you’re having!).

White Rock Community Clubhouse
10488 White Rock Road
Rancho Cordova, CA 96741

Please note, there will be a charge for attendance. $20 for current SVR members; $30 for guests/non-members.

Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. 

Program will run until approximately noon.

Light breakfast, coffee, and water will be provided.