The Bad Boy of Butterfly Harbor

What They're Saying...

"In this heartfelt story of redemption, readers will enjoy multidimensional characters who set out on an emotional journey toward forgiveness. From animosity to honesty, this passionate tale of atonement is a guaranteed page turner." 

~4 Stars, RT Book Reviews


"The Bad Boy of Butterfly Harbor by Anna J. Stewart is well-written and filled with likeable characters. There are plenty of laughable moments, but it also tackles serious topics such as alcoholism and child abuse. These aren’t easy things to cover but Anna handles them well. This was my first time reading anything by this author, but it won’t be my last."

~4 Stars, Harlequin Junkie  


"This book is heartwarming.  It’s about forgiveness, trust, honor, respect, acceptance and love.  I highly recommend this book and cannot wait to read the next installment to find out what happens with some of the other characters."

~5 Stars, Shannan's World of Books 


"A beautiful story about people in a small failing community, fighting back to build up the town again, and the human destinies of the small town. An inspiring, heartfelt, and sweet story of a town folks, that are willing to do the hard work, to put their home back together again."

~5 Spoons, Books & Spoon Blog


"This book felt to me like made for TV, feel good film.  I would watch this book on TV!  I enjoyed my time in Butterfly Harbor and look forward to going back again with another character."

~Getting Your Read On


"I loved this book! For one thing, it was totally believable. You know sometimes you read a book and you think, “This totally cannot happen.” Well, this story totally could. I love how real the characters in this story are. They are very well-developed and totally make you feel like you know them in real life. I love the setting of the story and the story itself. It is a clean book, yet it is filled with true romance. I love that! It is so amazing to see the forgiveness and love once Holly finds out that she’s been looking at the situation through her own bitterness and not looking for the truth. The supporting characters in the story are just as great as the main characters. I can’t wait to read the following books in this series. I highly recommend it!"

~Christy's Cozy Corners


"A touching story about redeeming yourself after a past you are not proud of."

~Thoughts of a Blonde


"Author Anna J. Stewart’s latest Harlequin Heartwarming novel, The Bad Boy of Butterfly Harbor, is a beautiful and inspiring story about learning from current and past mistakes, forgiveness, change, and love and friendship not only between adults, but children as well."

~5 Stars, Singing Librarian Books


"The love story is sprinkled with some smiles, but also with dangers, most of them brought by the heroine's son. The dangers in question will threaten a possible HEA, will spice the story and will fuel up the pace and tension in it. Told in an attractive style, THE BAD BOY OF BUTTERFLY HARBOR will be appreciated by those who enjoy a clean, but not a dull romance. I know I read it with pleasure." 

~Mythical Books


"This is a really beautiful book, beautiful in the sense of how the story was told with so much simplicity and genuine emotions. This book revolves around second chances, forgiveness, acceptance, and moving on. :) Something that’s a very important thing and not many people find it in them to do. . . . It’s a very thoughtful and sweet book. While it’s an easy read it will give you a lot to think about." 

~Enthralling Dimple