Straight To His Heart

About the Book

As this story was originally published in Kindle Worlds, it is c.Currently unavailable. Check back soon for an updated version.

The Laffertys, Book 1

Does rational, plan-ahead businessman Flynn Lafferty believe in love at first sight? Absolutely not. Until he meets free-spirited, live in the moment artist Sabrina Benoit…

Restoring neglected and forgotten dolls gives Sabrina Benoit a sense of purpose as she moves from town to town. She’s a wanderer, one who’s had more than her share of loss. Living a solitary, nomadic existence is the only way to keep her heart—and secret—safe. Her instant attraction to arrogant, handsome, plan-ahead businessman Flynn Lafferty reminds her of all the things that can never be: family, a home. Love.  She needs to leave St. Helena and fast, before Flynn learns her heartbreaking secret: that some things—and people—simply cannot be fixed.