Reunited With The P.I.

What They're Saying...


"...people who follow my reviews also know I don’t like the story to sway too far to one side or the other. I realize it is probably hard to strike that balance, but Anna J. Stewart does a wonderful job of creating romantic and sexual tension within a stellar crime story.

The plot is intelligent and the story is fast paced with plenty of twists and action. The romantic side worked just the way I like it, with plenty of buildup before the fireworks explode...I think any fan of RS would enjoy this one!!"

4.5 Stars, Top Pick, Night Owl Reviews (read full review here)




"This book grabs you from the beginning and takes you for quite the ride. There’s plenty of mystery and suspense as the case unfolds and Vince and Simone, along with the help of her friends, unravel the mystery to reveal the truth. It keeps readers on their toes and guessing right along with the characters.

If you’re looking for a good romantic suspense, you should give this one a read. You won’t be disappointed."

~4.5 Stars, Harlequin Junkie Reviews (read full review here)



These two were so realistically written and the author did a great job of bringing them back together at an authentic pace while keeping the suspense growing and the sexual tension high...I am really looking forward to reading the finale to this trilogy. Ms. Stewart knows how to write romantic suspense that pulls you in and brings you back for more!"

~5 Stars, Top Pick, The Romance Reviews (read full review here)



"The story pulls you in from page one and doesn’t let go, even after the last page is turned...There is a mystery written within that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Highly recommend Anna J. Stewart’s REUNITED WITH THE P.I. to anyone seeking a great romance with a suspenseful story and characters that leave you feeling as if you know them. This was one of those perfect reads that had it all and left you wanting more. Now if only Ms. Stewart would write faster so I can get my hands on the next story I’d be good. A perfect Keeper Shelf story!"

5-Stars, My Book Addiction Reviews (read full review here)


"Anna J. Stewart definitely knows how to write a book that grabs the reader’s attention. I could not put the book down. Once again she wrote an unpredictable complex plot that is filled with twists and unexpected surprises. I can’t wait to finally solve the mystery that has been threaded throughout the first two books. I typically don’t read series because I hate waiting for the next book. However, this series is the exception to my rule. I wholeheartedly recommend this book and the HONOR BOUND series."

~4.5 Stars, Long and Short Reviews (read full review here)