Love In Focus

About the Book

As this story was originally published in Kindle Worlds, it is c.Currently unavailable. Check back soon for an updated version.


There's no such thing as the perfect man. Or is there?

With a potential custody battle for her kids looming, recently divorced Nissa Lafferty is ready for a fresh start. After a harrowing photography excursion leaves her battling crippling panic attacks, moving to St. Helena seems the perfect solution. A new house, a new life...the last thing she needs is a man, especially a knock-down dangerously handsome man like Dante Thanos. A man who seems entirely too good to be true...

Charming "fixer" Dante Thanos has one rule: never get involved with a single mother. But when his latest job offers the biggest payout of his career, a payout that would help him keep a promise he made to his dying mother, he doesn't have a choice. Retrieving potentially damning photographs from Nissa should have been simple, but that was before he met her. Lied to her. Kissed her...

Nissa suspects there's more behind Dante's sudden interest than what's on the surface, but she finds him difficult to resist. When her past comes back with a vengeance and she turns to Dante for protection, will he turn out to be the perfect liar...or the perfect hero?