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So much of what makes the Tremayne Family romances what they are is the sense of community. What better way to bring community (and family) together than through food and celebrations! To celebrate the conclusion of the Tremayne series, I, along with some fabulous friends, have put together this exclusive, not available for sale ANYWHERE cookbook.  

THE LANTANO VALLEY FAMILY COOKBOOK features over 60 recipes compiled by myself and my street team, The Butterfly Babes.  Inside this digital only book, you’ll find a selection of sweet treats, tea time treasures, pot luck go-tos, comfy pub inspired meals, and easy, make ahead ideas.  Each recipe comes from our families to yours. 

To receive your FREE digital copy, simply forward/email me ( your proofs of purchase (sent from whatever e-book site you order) for ASKING FOR TROUBLE, HERE COMES TROUBLE and THE TROUBLE WITH NATHAN and I’ll send you the downloadable file within 48 hours.

Need a specific type of file (for Kindle or Nook)? Happy to oblige, just let me know in your email.  PDFs are readable on any device.  For your specific type of e-reader, please refer to your owner’s instruction guide for how to transfer the file.